DataNode (Counter Type)

The SIGNAL DataNode (Counter Type) is a two-wire device designed to detect and accurately count pulses from water meters and power meters.

SIGNAL SDS Series irrigation controllers include a pulse input on the terminal strip, allowing them to accurately read total water usage and live flow.

However, for water meters located a distance away from the controller, the DataNode (Counter Type) allows users to connect a meter anywhere along the two-wire path.

Additionally, if a number of meters are required, DataNodes (Counter Type) allow for a total of 7 to be read back to the controller.

*Note: Live flow can only be detected by directly wiring a meter to the terminal strip.

SDS Series Irrigation Controller

(SDS-50 / SDS-100)

The SIGNAL SDS Series is an Australian designed and manufactured irrigation control system, designed for ease-of-use programming, while allowing for the complex requirements of both landscape and agricultural applications.

SignalCloud Central Control Software

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Introducing SignalCloud – Web-based irrigation central control software that’s accessible from anywhere.

SignalCloud Mobile App

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