Replacement Modules (SDS-50)

The SDS-50 is a new generation of irrigation controller with the latest in electronic and communication technology.

As powerful as this compact controller is, it can be serviced on a DIY level due to the plug-in modules for both the microcontroller and output stages.

The controller consists of a motherboard, plug-in logic board, plug-in output module and plug-in keypad assembly. LEDs on each module indicate if faulty and in need of replacement.

All three boards are available separately or together as a kit.

SDS Series Irrigation Controller

(SDS-50 / SDS-100)

The SIGNAL SDS Series is an Australian designed and manufactured irrigation control system, designed for ease-of-use programming, while allowing for the complex requirements of both landscape and agricultural applications.

SignalCloud Central Control Software

Available on Desktop Web App.

Introducing SignalCloud – Web-based irrigation central control software that’s accessible from anywhere.

SignalCloud Mobile App

Available on iOS, and Android.

Introducing SignalCloud Mobile - the latest in remote irrigation technology from SIGNAL.

(SDS-LINK Replacement)




Irrigation Solutions by Industry

Case studies and client lists.

Discover the commercial application of SIGNAL's irrigation control systems in Municipal (Government), Institutional, and Agricultural application.